Taking Care of Our Watersheds

Healthy watersheds are vital for a healthy environment and healthy economy. Everything we do on the land impacts our watersheds - for the better or for the worse. Individuals, citizen groups, and government all have a role in maintaining healthy watersheds.

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Water is California's most precious natural resource. How we manage it today will affect every aspect of our future. When our state enjoys a year of abundant rain and our reservoirs are full, it is easy to think that our water supply is endless. But it's important to remember that in California, the next drought may be just around the corner. Wasting small amounts of water today means less water is available for the dry times we know will come again. Visit the water conservation page to learn about conservation resources in your area. You can also get water saving tips from Save our Water.org

Storm-proofing road systems protects road surfaces from erosion, reduces annual road maintenance costs, AND benefits aquatic habitat in local streams. If storm-proofing treatments are implemented correctly, future storm runoff can cleanse the streams of accumulated coarse and fine sediment rather than deposit fine sediments in areas where it impairs fish habitat. Learn how to storm-proof roads and improve water quality.