California’s Groundwater Conditions, Semi-Annual Update: October 2023

DWR released its semi-annual groundwater conditions report, which presents data received as of August 31, 2023, and reflects the impacts of recent storms, flooding, and natural & managed aquifer recharge.

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Earth Day 2023

Sunday, April 23, 11am to 4pm, Oxbow Commons. Activities for kids and adults of all ages! Interactive booths, live music, dance performances, crafts, games, and more!


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Pepperwood Preserve Webinar

March 15, 2023
11:00am – 12:00pm

In this webinar, historical ecologist Arthur Dawson presents the findings of a three-year CALFIRE-funded study conducted in partnership with Pepperwood, Mark Tukman, & Dr. Jim Thorne.

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Annual Groundwater Report - Water Year 2022

The Groundwater Sustainability: Annual Report – Water Year 2022 is now available!

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California's Groundwater Live

Groundwater is vital to California. It sustains ecosystems, supports our agriculture, fuels our economy, quenches our thirst, and reduces the impacts of drought and our changing climate. View the current status.

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An Evening with Dr. Peter Gleick hosted by the Napa Valley Community Foundation

Napa Valley Community Foundation hosted Dr. Peter Gleick, a leading scientist on global water and climate issues, on October 20th. Dr. Gleick discussed climate change impacts to water supply and wildfire risk.

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Annual Groundwater Report - Water Year 2021

The Groundwater Sustainability: Annual Report – Water Year 2021 is now available!

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Pesticides in Homes and Landscapes

The use of home and garden pesticides increases pollution in California's waterways. Learn more about when it is appropriate to use pesticides and insecticides, how to safely apply them, and less toxic alternatives!

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Stream Watch Volunteers Needed!

Stream Watch is a community science program where volunteers make observations at creek sites about how much water and trash they see. This information will be used to learn how we can best take care of our creeks.

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Extreme Heat Safety

As temperatures rise, it is important to stay hydrated, remain cool, and prevent heat related illnesses. Visit these pages from 

Napa County



for more tips and resources on heat safety.

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Annual Groundwater Report - Water Year 2020

The Groundwater Sustainability: Annual Report – Water Year 2020 is now available!

Read the 2 page summary

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Interactive Groundwater & Surface Water StoryMap

Explore the interactive Napa Valley Groundwater and Surface Water StoryMap to discover the importance of their connections and learn about Napa County monitoring efforts!

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Harmful Algae Blooms: A Public Health Concern

The California State Water Resources Control Board has announced that the occurrence of HABs appears to be increasing. A harmful algae bloom (HAB) is actually made of cyanobacteria, sometimes called blue-green algae. 

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Volunteer for Napa's Stream Watch Project!

Help Monitor our Streams

The presence and timing of stream flow indicates stream health. Monitoring stream flow conditions helps determine when streams go dry or start flowing, as timing is critical to local wildlife. 

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After the Rains - Post-Fire Watershed Recovery

Napa County’s watersheds have been severely impacted by recent wildfires. The post-fire landscape is especially susceptible to stormwater runoff-related hazards such as landslides, debris flow, flooding, and rockfall.

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United States Drought Monitor

Use the US Drought Monitoring Map to explore weekly drought updates across the country from the National Drought Mitigation Center. The map uses 5 drought classifications and new data is released on Thursdays.

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County of Napa Fire Recovery Resources

The County of Napa offers resources and information to help with your fire recovery.




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Resource Conservation District Fire Recovery Assistance

If your farm, ranch, or rural property in Napa County burned, we can offer technical advice on damage to croplands, grazing lands, and forest lands, and help you think through options for recovery actions.

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Napa River Steelhead and Salmon Monitoring Program 2019-2020 Report

The numbers are in for the 2020 Napa River Steelhead and Salmon Monitoring Program! 2020 marks the 12th year of monitoring the Napa River with RCD's Rotary Screw Trap.

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Explore Napa

The Napa Valley Watershed Explore Napa website has expert information, captivating video clips, photos, library resources, and more about beavers, owls, bats, the EcoReserve, Salmon Rotary Screw Trap and more.


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Live Rainfall and Stream Level Data

Using Napa One Rain, you can checkout current and historical rainfall, river and stream level monitoring data from a network of automated gauge sites throughout Napa County.

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New Monthly Waterway Keepers Program Organized by Napa RCD

Get involved with the Waterway Keepers program in three ways:

- Participate in public cleanup days organized by the RCD

- Set up your own cleanup day for an organization, company, ect.

- Sponsor a cleanup day

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Napa County's DIY Groundwater Monitoring Program

Napa County launches a "Do it Yourself" groundwater monitoring program. This program allows Napa County residents to borrow a well water-level monitoring tool for free!

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New Well Owner Guide Available!

The new guide provides well owners important information on how to maintain their well, general well owner responsibilities, and how to prevent groundwater contamination.

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Napa Sanitation District releases a video about their Recycled Water Expansion Projects!

The video informs the community about these forward-thinking projects and celebrates the partners and funders who made these resource recovery projects possible. The projects featured in the video include upgrades to the NSD treatment plant, construction of the 5-mile Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay (MST) Recycled Water Pipeline, and the construction of the 9-mile Los Carneros Water District Recycled Pipeline.

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