Water Conservation Video Contest

Here’s a fun, educational, and prize-eligible project for families! Submit your 30-second video for the Water Conservation Video Contest by May 22. See contest theme, rules, and past years’ winning videos.

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Live Rainfall and Stream Level Data

Using Napa One Rain, you can checkout current and historical rainfall, river and stream level monitoring data from a network of automated gauge sites throughout Napa County.

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New Monthly Waterway Keepers Program Organized by Napa RCD

Get involved with the Waterway Keepers program in three ways:

- Participate in public cleanup days organized by the RCD

- Set up your own cleanup day for an organization, company, ect.

- Sponsor a cleanup day

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Napa River Steelhead and Salmon Monitoring Program 2018-19 Report

The numbers are in for the 2019 Napa River Steelhead and Salmon Monitoring Program! 2019 marks the 11th year of monitoring the Napa River with RCD's Rotary Screw Trap.


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Groundwater Stakeholder Survey

Take the Groundwater Stakeholder Survey. The survey will enhance local groundwater outreach and education efforts and build community awareness and understanding about Napa County's groundwater resources!

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Resources to understand sedimentation and erosion control

Would you like to learn more about erosion and sedimentation in Napa County? Visit our new webpage

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New Well Owner Guide Available!

The new guide provides well owners important information on how to maintain their well, general well owner responsibilities, and how to prevent groundwater contamination.

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Napa County's DIY Groundwater Monitoring Program

Napa County launches a "Do it Yourself" groundwater monitoring program. This program allows Napa County residents to borrow a well water-level monitoring tool for free!

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Napa Sanitation District releases a video about their Recycled Water Expansion Projects!

The video informs the community about these forward-thinking projects and celebrates the partners and funders who made these resource recovery projects possible. The projects featured in the video include upgrades to the NSD treatment plant, construction of the 5-mile Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay (MST) Recycled Water Pipeline, and the construction of the 9-mile Los Carneros Water District Recycled Pipeline.

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