Local Watershed Groups

The citizens who work, play, and live in the watershed are building partnerships to conserve, protect, and restore our watersheds. Below is a list of some of the groups that are active in our watersheds.

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California Land Stewardship Institute


California Land Stewardship Institute, formed in 2004, assists public and private landowners in implementing land management practices and ecological restoration projects for the long-term benefit of the environment.  The Institute runs the Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification program in Napa County. 



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City of Napa Water Division


The Water Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the municipal water system serving more than 86,000 people in the City of Napa and adjacent areas.  Water use efficiency (a.k.a. water conservation) is an integral part of the City of Napa's long-term water management strategy.




Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County


The Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County (EECNC) connects members of our community with the local environment. Through a network of local organizations, the coalition provides resources and support to promote sustainable living and an appreciation of the natural world. 



Friends of the Napa River


Established in 1994, we are the community's voice for the responsible protection, restoration, development and celebration of the Napa River and its watershed.  Our primary goal is to heighten the community's awareness of the river as a valuable, but impaired, resource.


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The Institute for Conservation Advocacy Research & Education, (ICARE) 


Estabilished in 2004 to restore and conserve the biological integrity and ecosystems health of watersheds in the Napa River estuary and the greater San Francisco Bay Area through science-based advocacy, research and education. 


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Lake Berryessa Watershed Partnership

Lake Berryessa Watershed Partnership

Educate and inform lake lovers and users of the needs and ways to protect the watershed of Lake Berryessa.  

Mt Veeder Stewardship Council


Encourage sustainability of our natural resources and to ensure that the rich biodiversity and rural quality of life in the private and public lands of our pristine watershed are respected, conserved and protected for future generations through education, local community involvement and outreach to government and business stakeholders. 


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Napa Communities Firewise Foundation


Empowering the residents and businesses of Napa County with the information, knowledge, and support they need to survive a wildland fire. 


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Napa County - Flood Control and Water Conservation District 


Conservation and management of flood and storm waters to protect life and property; maintenance of the County watershed using the highest level of environmentally sound practices; and providing coordinated planning for water supply needs of the community. 


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Napa County Green Business Program

Napa County launched the Green Business Program and (in conjunction with the Napa Valley Vintners), Napa Green Certified Winery Program in 2006. Through these programs businesses are able to demonstrate their care for the environment by going above and beyond 'business as usual'. Napa County Certified Green Businesses use eco-friendly products and environmentally sustainable business practices. GreenBusinessCA.org 



Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District

The District is authorized to plan, improve and operate a system of public parks, trails, outdoor recreational facilities, and outdoor science and conservation education programs, as well as to protect and preserve natural areas, wildlife habitat and other open space resources.  Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the natural resources of Napa County. NapaOutdoors.org



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Napa County Resource Conservation District

The Napa County Resource Conservation District is a non-regulatory agency whose mission is to promote responsible watershed management through voluntary community stewardship and technical assistance. NapaRCD.org



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Napa Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

Napa County has a Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, a joint effort of the County of Napa, and all the cities. The goal of the program is to prevent stormwater pollution, protect and enhance water quality in creeks and wetlands, preserve beneficial uses of local waterways, and comply with State and Federal regulations. CountyofNapa.org



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Napa Valley Transit Authority

In addition to transportation matters, the NCTPA Board considers other issues of interjurisdictional significance, such as Climate change, sustainable development and growth. NVTA.CA.gov




Napa Sanitation District

The Napa Sanitation District (NSD) provides wastewater treatment and water recycling for the City of Napa and several adjacent unincorporated areas, serving over 75,000 people. NSD operates the Soscol Water Recycling Facility, which produces recycled water for irrigation of vineyards, rangeland, golf courses and landscaping. NSD.org



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Napa Solano Audubon Society

Our mission is to share the fun of birding, promote conservation and scientific understanding of wild birds and their habitats, and offer engaging, science-based education emphasizing the communities of Napa and Solano counties.   NapaSolanoAudubon.com


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Napa Valley Vintners

A trade organization started in 1944 to inspire its more than 500 members to produce wines of the highest quality, provide environmental leadership and to care for the extraordinary place they call home. NapaVintners.com



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Sustainable Napa County

Our mission is to take action for economic vitality, environmental health, and social equity. SustainableNapaCounty.org



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Land Trust of Napa County

A community based nonprofit dedicated to preserving the character of Napa by permanently protecting land. Established in 1976. NapaLandTrust.org



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Watershed Information Conservation Council

WICC was created in 2001 by the Napa County Board of Supervisors as an advisory committee to the Board.  The WICC mission, in addition to advising the Board is to maintain and improve the health of Napa County's watersheds by supporting community efforts to do the same.



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USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

Provide free technical assistance and locally-tailored programs to private landowners to help conserve, protect, and sustain natural resources.  CA.NRCS.USDA.gov


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