Fish + Wildlife

Napa County is one of the most biologically diverse counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is located on the edge of three major ecological regions - the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary, the Sacramento Valley, and the Coast Range. The broad range of rainfall, temperature, geology, soils, and topography that occur within the County combine to create many unique habitats for fish and wildlife.

Napa County is home to over 140,000 people. Opportunities to connect with fish and wildlife abound, from watching the growing beaver and otter populations in downtown Napa, tracking the annual fish count in the Napa River Rotary Screw Trap, or taking a nature walk through Napa’s Oxbow Commons, along the Napa River Trail, or in a nearby park. Look to the Land Trust of Napa County and the Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District for resouces to explore Napa County's varied recreational and outdoor opportunities. People are taking important steps to improve the health of our watersheds for the benefit of all that rely on them.