Plant Communities

Napa County is home to many distinct plant communities. As topography, climate, and soil characteristics vary throughout the county, so do the types of plants that thrive here.  For example, Douglas Fir and Coast Redwood are found in high, wet areas, whereas valley oaks, coast live oaks, and buckeyes are found in the broader, dry areas of the county.

Several species of plants in the county are endemic, which means that all members of the species are found within the county's boarders.  Napa ceanothus and Napa lomatium are examples of plants that are endemic only to Napa County.

Mature vegetated areas are critically important to maintaining a healthy watershed. These areas provide important watershed functions:

  • critical habitat
  • help sustain groundwater resources and summer stream flows (in groundwater recharge areas)
  • reduce downstream flooding risks
  • protect water quality by filtering sediments and controlling erosion

Use the map below to explore the various biotic communities throughout Napa County.