Water + Geology

All life, including humanity, depends on water for survival. Protecting and improving water quality and quantity are important goals of watershed planning, management, and restoration.

Two overarching goals of water management efforts in Napa County are:

  • Improving and protecting water quality
  • Enhancing and conserving water quantity

Enhancing and conserving water quantity means making better use of our water supplies. Managing sustainable water supplies, monitoring groundwater and stream flows, minimizing water consumption, and increasing the use of recycled water are just a few of the practices being implemented throughout Napa County to sustain our water supplies and make water-use more efficient.

Look to the WICC's water conservation page for ways you can enhance and conserve local water supplies. Residential water conservation information is available through your local water provider. You can also visit www.wateruseitwisely.com or saveourwater.com to learn more about water conservation.