Napa County Watershed Symposium

Thank you all for making the 2019 Watershed Symposium a great success!
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A Legacy of Stewardship

Thursday, May 16, 2019 


 Program Overview

Session Speakers
Welcoming Remarks

Supervisor Ryan Gregory, County of Napa

Honorable Bill Dodd (video), CA Senate

Honorable Mike Thompson (video), US Congress

And Beauty for All


John De Graaf

John de Graaf is an author, filmmaker and activist. He produced the popular PBS special AFFLUENZA and co-wrote the international best-seller AFFLUENZA: THE ALL-CONSUMING EPIDEMIC. He co-founded the organizations, Take Back Your Time, the Happiness Alliance, and And Beauty for All. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Leisure Sciences of the US and Canada, a board member of Earth Island Institute and lives in Seattle.  He can be reached at


Tosha Comendant, Pepperwood Preserve

Jared Childress, Good Fire Alliance

Paul Mason, Pacific Forest Trust


Vicki Kretsinger, Luhdorff & Scalmanini

Kirk Klausmeyer, The Nature Conservancy

Whirlwind Tour Local Project Representatives
Restoring the Napa River After Measure A

Jonathan Koehler, Napa County RCD

Rick Thomasser, Napa County Flood

Art Responds

Rina Faletti, UC Merced





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