Forest + Plants

Napa County is one of the most biologically diverse counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. The topography, climate, and soil characteristics vary throughout the county, and so do the county's plant communities.  Douglas fir and coast redwood are found in steep, wet areas, whereas coast live oaks and buckeyes are found in gently sloped, drier areas. Napa County contains many of California‘s remaining valley oaks, which make up six percent of Napa County’s oaks, but only one percent of the state‘s oak population.

Several species of plants are endemic to Napa County, which means that all members of the species are found only within the county.  Napa blue curls and Napa lomatium are examples of plants that are endemic to Napa County. 

Healthy native plants are vital for a healthy watershed and a sustainable envirionment. Native vegetation provides critical wildlife habitat, groundwater recharge zones, erosion protection, and water filtration. Local community stewardship and workshops related to native forests and plants include native plant restoration and management, vigilant weed work, and education about appropriate plants for landscaping and water conservation.