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Who is the WICC and what do they do?


The WICC holds regular public meetings on the fourth Thursday of January, April, July and October at 3:00pm. At its first meeting of year the Council elects a new Chair and Vice-Chair and adopts its meeting calendar for the year. Meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend.


To improve the health of Napa County’s watersheds by informing, engaging and fostering partnerships within the community.

Guiding PrinciplesWICC Board During Strategic Planning Workshop

Collaboration is the most effective way to accomplish the mission of the WICC. The WICC supports and promotes the activities of watershed groups and organizations working within Napa County, and strives to facilitate cooperation among them. Participation in the WICC and provision of information to the WICC website is done voluntarily.

The WICC is intended to be part of the solution to watershed issues and concerns. The WICC remains politically neutral and not involved in the regulatory process, but rather collects and disseminates the best possible information to aid those involved in policy and decision-making.

The WICC seeks monies and grants from foundations, private individuals, organizations, and local, state and federal government agencies to address the financial needs to further its mission and goals.

The WICC Board of Directors

The Napa County Board of Supervisors passed Resolution No. 02-103 on May 21, 2002, creating the Watershed Information and Conservation Council (WICC). The WICC was chosen to represent the diversity of our community.

The role of the WICC is to assist the Supervisors in their decision-making process and serve as a conduit for citizen input by gathering, analyzing and recommending options related to the management of watershed resources countywide. The WICC has a responsibility to publicly evaluate and discuss matters relating to watershed restoration and resource protection activities, coordination of land acquisition, development of long-term watershed resource management plans and programs. The WICC also serves to provide public outreach and education, monitoring and assessment coordination, and data management of Napa County's water and watershed resources.

2021 Membership







Michelle Benvenuto

Member at Large

(Vice Chair)

Member at Large


Diane Dillon

Board of Supervisors

Marita Dorenbecher

City Council-Yountville  Anne Cottrell Conservation, Development and Planning Commission Donald Williams City Council-Calistoga

Eric Knight

City Council-Yountville (Alternate) Pierre Washington City Council-American Canyon

 Lisa Gift

City Council-Calistoga (Alternate)

Kimberly Richard

Member at Large

Mariam Aboudamous

 City Council-American Canyon (Alternate)

David Graves

Member at Large

Brent  Randol

Napa Co. Regional Park & Open Space District (Alternate)

Barry Cristian

 Napa Co. Regional Park & Open Space District

Pamela Smithers

Member at Large
Nat. Res. Conservation Service

Geoff Ellsworth

City Council-St. Helena

Alfredo Pedroza

Board of Supervisors
City Council-Napa

Mary Koberstein

City Council-St. Helena (Alternate)

Ryan Gregory

Board of Supervisors (Alternate)
City Council-Napa (Alternate)

Jason Lauritsen

Member at Large

Bill Pramuk

Napa County Resource Conservation Dist.


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