Watershed Symposium 2017

Watershed Moments:

Nature’s Value - What is, what was, and what can be

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 
Links to slideshows are below. Speaker answers to questions received from the audience are available here.

2017 Agenda

Historical Ecology - Learning from Landscapes of the Past

Robin Grossinger, San Francisco Estuary Institute (presentation)

The Health of Local Streams

  - Our Current Understanding

Lester McKee, San Francisco Estuary Institute (presentation)

Richard Connon, UC Davis (presentation

Dan Logan, NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (presentation)


  - Pathways to Sustainability

Thomas Harter, UC Davis (presentation

Tracking Watershed Health

  -  Inspiring Performance and Motivating Effective Action

Chad Praul, Environmental Incentives (presentation)

Climate Change

  - Vulnerability, Change and Resilience: Looking to the Future

Lisa Micheli, Pepperwood Preserve (presentation)

Michelle Selmon, CA Department of Water Resources (presentation)

Renata Brillinger, CA Climate & Agriculture Network (presentation

Healthy Watersheds & Healthy Economies:

The Multiple Benefits of Natural and Working Lands

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