City of Calistoga 'Hires' Goats, Sheep for Fire Mitigation Work

Oct 13, 2021 at 5:35pm

Cynthia Sweeney

The City of Calistoga has hired more “workers” to assist in its ongoing mitigation efforts to protect the town from future wildfires. They work for food, are good for the environment, and they are cute to boot.

Just don’t mess with Moana the llama.

After receiving bids from nine various operations, the city chose Napa Pasture Protein to clear the tall grass and underbrush on the 9-acre property, where the city water tank is located. The area is overgrown with a fair amount of brush from oaks, madrones, and pine, and also poison oak, which is particularly appealing to goats. 

The project will cost the city $15,700, which may also look to employ the animals to clear brush in other areas in the future.

“I think it’s a good alternative for sensitive areas,” said Fire Chief Steve Campbell.

One hundred goats and sheep are stationed on Mount Washington, city property just off Silverado Trail, where they will spend the next two or so weeks clearing underbrush and old growth fire fuel.

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