Farm Bureau: Off Stream Ponds Help in Drought Conditions

May 24, 2021 at 7:30am

Karen Rifkin

The Mendocino County Farm Bureau encourages local, state and federal leadership to focus current drought relief measures on multi-purpose projects that address agricultural, municipal, environmental, recreational and fire suppression water needs.

“This isn’t a silo conversation; we want to look at this from a multi-benefit point of view,” says Mendocino County Farm Bureau Executive Director Devon Jones.

The drought in 2014 was caused in part by nature but more so by the use of antiquated operational manuals dating back to 1958 that required the Army Corps of Engineers to release water in the fall of 2013 to bring the lake down to the top of the flood pool for flood control in the winter.

Water was gradually released in anticipation of the typical used-to-be winter storm season but the rains did not come.

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