New Hub Provides Avenue for Matching Volunteers to Climate-related Projects

Apr 7, 2021 at 8:00am

Get the volunteers you need for your climate projects!

California Volunteers is partnering with VolunteerMatch to help recruit volunteers for climate-related causes. We have created a hub for climate volunteer opportunities and will raise awareness and motivate individuals to get involved. We will highlight climate volunteer opportunities so we can attract more volunteers for you! You don’t have to wait until we’ve got everything finished. You can get started today by posting your climate volunteer opportunities and tap into the skills and talents of the millions of volunteers already using VolunteerMatch.  

As people learn more about the California Climate Action Corps your events, activities, and programs will already be available for them.  

Become a Volunteer!

Registering and Finding your Volunteers:

  1. Register to join California Climate Action Corps and start promoting volunteer opportunities across the entire VolunteerMatch network
  2. Select the “Environment” cause when creating your opportunity — that will help volunteers find your listing across the VolunteerMatch platform
  3. Tag your opportunities with the #ClimateActionCorps hashtag in your description so we can help others find them.  
  4. Let us know you are listing climate opportunities directly by emailing so we know about and can recognize your participation.
  5. Get ready to be part of something big! We’ll be in touch to make sure your opportunities are featured and work to keep you informed of the ongoing progress we’re making