Calistoga to increase Kimball Reservoir Capacity, Relocate Water Treatment Plant

Feb 17, 2021 at 8:00am

Cynthia Sweeney, Napa Valley Register

The City of Calistoga has committed to making substantial and long-overdue improvements to its water collection and treatment facilities.
On Tuesday, the city council approved two multi-million dollar projects; one to increase capacity of Kimball Reservoir, and the other to move the Kimball Water Treatment Plant.

The city has received a $5 million federal grant to raise the height of the reservoir, with the city providing $1.6 million in matching funds.

The Kimball Reservoir was constructed in 1939 with a storage capacity of approximately 345 acre-feet. Over the past 80 years, capacity has diminished by about 80 feet, staff reported.

A more costly alternative would be to dredge 180,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment, at a cost of about $11 million, said Public Works Director Derek Raynor.

“It’s showing its age. The key component is restoring its capacity,” he said.
The project will raise the dam back to its original height, make Calistoga more resilient to the impact of drought, and reduce reliance on imported water from the State Water Project, staff reported. The project will also provide additional water supply for improved wildfire fighting capabilities.

The city anticipates the project to be completed in two phases. Estimated cost to the city for phase one, which includes plans and specification, is $125,000. The remaining $1.5 million would be needed by 2023/2024, if the subsequent application is accepted.

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