Rounds of storms to send wind, rain, and snow into the West Coast this week

Nov 27, 2018 at 9:09am

AccuWeather by Courtney Spamer and Feith Eherts

Rounds of rain are expected to soak areas from Washington to Southern California this week.

The first storm rolled ashore in Washington and Oregon on Monday and settled into Northern California on Tuesday.

Rain will fall on San Francisco, as well as the Paradise, California, area into Tuesday night. More rain is in the offing prior to the end of the week.

Overall, this first round will bring mostly rain, but the higher elevations of the Cascades in Washington are likely to receive snow.

While the first round of rain will mainly impact areas north of the Central Valley, the second storm is more likely to reach farther into Southern California and over much of the Southwest states in general.

For many, the rain diving through central and southern portions of California will be welcome. However, rainfall could once again be heavy enough at times to cause flash flooding and mudslides.

While ski resorts will rejoice, falling snow levels will create even more travel headaches where passes remain open throughout the Sierra.

"Donner Pass could be measuring snow in feet by Friday morning, and it’s not out of the question that the pass would need to be shut down for a time Thursday into Thursday night, when the bulk of the snow is expected to fall there," Sojda said.

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