Event: Foundations of Soil Health: a FREE 2-part online workshop July 8 & 9, 8-11am

Dates: Wed, Jul 8th 2020 to Thu, Jul 9th 2020

Napa RCD is excited to offer a FREE two-day soil health online workshop. Please share throughout your networks.


Agenda (day 1, July 8):

·     Learn about the importance of maintaining proper soil health.

·     Learn about different biological, physical, and chemical soil properties and how these properties can be assessed to determine soil health.

·     Learn about the North Coast Soil Hub’s ongoing research about how different soil management practices affect/benefit soil health.


Agenda (day 2, July 9):

·     Learn about how sheep grazing can benefit your soil.

·     Learn how to determine and mitigate erosion risks in your vineyard using the universal soil loss equation.

·     Learn about carbon farm planning and how you can use it to improve soil health.

·     Learn about the soil health benefits of biochar, compost, and mulching.


·     Miguel Garcia, PhD: Sustainable Ag Program Manager, Napa RCD

·     Bill Birmingham: Conservation Project Manager, Napa RCD

·     Evelyn Denzin: Resource Conservationist, NRCS

·     Chip Bouril: Soil Conservationist, NRCS

·     Kelsey Brewer: Graduate Student, UC Davis

·     Jeff Creque, PhD: Director, Carbon Cycle Institute

·     Josiah Hunt: CEO, Pacific Biochar

Brought to you by Napa RCD, West Marin Compost,

Pacific Biochar, and USDA-NRCS

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