2011 Napa County Watershed Symposium

Thu, May 19th 2011, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Yountville Community Center Yountville, CA

2011 Napa County Watershed Symposium

"Watersheds at a crossroads: recognizing progress and preparing for the future" 

$25 registration fee, lunch and wine reception included

Presented by: Napa County Resource Conservation District, Watershed Information Center and Conservancy of Napa County, Town of Yountville, Napa Green Certified Winery and Napa Green Certified Land, Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Napa County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, City of Napa Water Division, ESA PWA, Hedgerow Farms, Horizon Water and Environment, MIG, Inc., Philip Williams & Associates, Ltd., Prunuske Chatham, Riechers Spence & Associates, Stillwater Sciences, West Coast Watershed, Winzler & Kelly

Goals of the 2011 Watershed Symposium:

  • Articulate common watershed goals
  • Survey completed and ongoing watershed projects to recognize progress toward watershed goals
  • Identify our watersheds' needs so that we can strategically plan future projects
  • Highlight need to continue collaborative efforts to reach our goals
  • Evaluate sources for funding in the future, and how best to obtain funding for local projects


Registration begins. Posters and exhibits on display





Kate Dargan, State Fire Marshall, Retired, Master of Ceremonies

David Graves, Co-founder of Saintsbury Vineyard and Winery, Master of Ceremonies



Mayor John Dunbar, Town of Yountville



Supervisor Diane Dillon, Napa County


A journey through Napa County’s watersheds, from past to present



Robin Grossinger, San Francisco Estuary Institute



Patrick Lowe, Watershed Information Center & Conservancy of Napa County


Morning session: Recognizing progress


Setting goals and tracking progress



Fraser Shilling, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis


On-the-ground approaches to meeting our goals



Jeremy Sarrow, Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District



Laura Lewis and Karen Fleming, Harvest Middle School



Jonathan Koehler, Napa County Resource Conservation District



Susan Boswell, Napa Valley Vintners and Jeri Gill, Sustainable Napa County



John Woodbury, Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District


Reflecting on progress and identifying needs


Poster session: Tour of watershed projects




Afternoon session: Preparing for the future


Finding the funding to move forward, a panel discussion



Steve Kokotas, MIG, Inc.



Dennis Bowker, Private Consultant



Robert E. Doyle, East Bay Regional Park District



Sam Ziegler, US EPA, Region 9



Rick Thomasser, Napa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District


Moving forward together


Reception with poster viewing