Deep Dive: Water & Homelessness

Sat, May 8th 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Online Zoom

As part of a new "Rising Waters" initiative, this event showcases student research on the challenging intersection of environmental, social and economic factors that impact water quality. Over the last semester, students have worked with faculty mentors and community partners to study the nexus of homelessness and water quality issues. Come see three student teams present and answer questions about their mapping study, case study, and knowledge map, with the hope of finding new solutions that benefit people experiencing homelessness and ensure high water quality for everyone.

Leaders: SSU students presenting new research on a complex issue in Sonoma County, with the guidance of faculty advisors and community partners

  • University Faculty:
    • Megan Burke (SSU, Department of Philosophy)
    • Phil Gedalanga (CSU Fullerton, Department of Health Science)
    • Armand Gilinsky (SSU, School of Business & Economics)
    • David Sul (SSU, Department of Political Science)
  • Community Partners:
    • Sonoma Water
    • City of Rohnert Park
    • City of Santa Rosa
    • North Coast Water Quality Control Board
    • Russian River Watershed Association
    • West County Health Center

Rising Waters is a new multi-year initiative between SSU and community leaders to study and identify potential solutions surrounding the nexus of water quality and homelessness in Sonoma County. The initiative engages local universities in collecting information needed to identify new solutions, and engages community leaders to implement solutions that reduce bacteria/pathogens and trash in waterways. It establishes as its measure of success engaging students and faculty in meaningful improvement in water-related sustainability and resilience challenges of the North Bay.

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