Drip Irrigation Management Workshop

Tue, Aug 27th 2019, 9:00am - 1:00pm
Huichica Creek Vineyard, 2156 Duhig Rd. Napa, CA 94559

Join Napa RCD for a Hands-on Irrigation Management Workshop

Workshop Fee: $20; tickets available here  
Fee includes breakfast refreshments and lunch

Workshop Location: Huichica Creek Vineyard, 2156 Duhig Rd. Napa, CA 94559

One of the best actions growers can take is to accurately predict the timing and amount of irrigation water to better suit their production goals.

In this workshop, growers will learn:
• Soil properties that affect water retention and movement
• Technologies for soil moisture and water stress monitoring
• How to use soil moisture monitoring and plant water stress to develop an efficient irrigation scheduling strategy

For more information, contact Miguel Garcia at 707-690-3122 or Miguel@NapaRCD.org 

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