Download Map Data

WICC of Napa County Map Data

The many map themes provided via the WICC website display key watershed information throughout Napa County. If you would like to view and use the map data on your computer, you can download the data for free.

The map layers are in a "kmz" file format which can be opened using the Google Earth program.

To view the map layers on your computer:

  • Download the desired KMZ files from the WICC map data library
  • Open the downloaded files using Google Earth

If you do not have Google Earth already installed:

  • Go to the Google Earth website and click on the "Download Google Earth" link to download the free version of the software
  • Go through the process to install Google Earth on your computer.
  • If you have never used Google Earth before, click on one of the links below for a brief tutorial to help you get started and learn the basic features of the program

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