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2016 Watershed Awareness Calendar Now Available!

This year's calendar focuses on Napa's wild side, featuring intriguing and delightful photos from 20 local photographers. Pick up your copy from the RCD office (1303 Jefferson St, Suite 500B, Napa) today. Next week, we'll start delivery to distribution hubs around the County.

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Waterways in Wine Country

After decades of declining health, the Napa River is being resuscitated by its neighbors. Under protections of the Agricultural Preserve, alongside miles of restoration projects underway, the Napa Valley and its river is moving towards long-term environmental sustainability.

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How to Reduse Your Water Footprint

Eating local saves water, but might not be possible 100% of the time given the need to import seasonal vegetables and food items like bananas and coffee. However, almost everyone can reduce their water footprint by drinking local. Here are some tips on how to reduce your bottled water footprint.

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California drought, visualized with open data

The State of California is experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record. Many State, Federal, and Tribal agencies make routine observations of the water cycle. A new USGS website graphically visualizes these data to help understand the effect of drought on rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs.

Nov 17, 2015

Calif. reaches first milestone in crafting groundwater regulations

Capital Press, Tim Hearden

Calif. reaches first milestone in crafting groundwater regulations - California - Capital Pres...

Oct 29, 2015

Drought-driven salmon deaths could have far-reaching impact

Peter Fimrite, SF Gate

One of the last wild runs of chinook salmon in California is sinking fast amid the four-year drought...

Nov 17, 2015

El NiƱo could be the most powerful on record, scientists say

Rong-Gong Lin II & Rosanna Xia, LA Times

A temperature recording in a key location of the Pacific Ocean is now hotter than it ...

Nov 14, 2015

Water Conservation Order Is Extended in California

The Associated Press

Gov. Jerry Brown has extended his executive order requiring Californians to conserve water as the st...