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The Story of Salmon and Steelhead in Putah Creek and the Central Valley

The buidling of large dams has had a great impact on the health of salmonid populations in California's Central Valley, which includes the Putah Creek watershed. Learn more about the history of fisheries in Putah Creek and the Central Valley from NOAA's new Story Map.

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The Clean Water Act - 42 years and counting

The Clean Water Act (CWA) is the cornerstone of surface water quality protection in the United States. Over the past decade, CWA programs have shifted from a program-by-program, source-by-source, pollutant-by-pollutant approach to a more holistic watershed-based approachthat emphasizes protecting healthy waters and restoring impaired ones.

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Migrating Steelhead Numbers Down in Drought Year

The numbers are in for the spring 2014 steelhead and salmon season, and unfortunately the catch was the lowest in the six-year history of the RCD's monitoring program.  The Napa River rotary screw trap was operated for 53 days between March and May, during which time only 31 steelhead smolts were captured.

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Planning for Rain

Why Storm Water Management Matters during the Drought - What and how we can prepare for the upcoming rainy season during the drought. You can counteract the negative impacts of stormwater runoff by promoting water infiltration.

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Lawn Be Gone

Thinking about losing your lawn? This video provides a quick introduction to the many benefits of getting rid of your lawn and how to do it. This video also describes how lawns and lawn maintenance degrade storm water quality.

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Saving water and $$ during the drought

2013 was the driest year in recorded history for many areas of California, and current conditions suggest no change in sight for 2014. Small changes in daily habits can make a big difference in water consumption and water bills. In Napa County, there are lots of incentives and rebate programs to encourage conservation. Use the WICC water conservation page to learn more.

Tuesday at 12:00pm

Napa receives $4 million for recycled water projects

Barry Eberling, Napa Valley Register

A $4 million state grant will help the Napa Sanitation District build recycled water pipelines in th...

Yesterday at 12:00pm

Integrating Storage in California's Changing Water System

UC Davis

California’s approval of a $7.5 billion water bond has bolstered prospects for expanding reser...

Yesterday at 12:00pm

Thirty Indicators of Climate Change Detailed in New Report


This report presents 30 indicators, each describing trends related to the causes and effects of clim...

Tuesday at 3:00pm

New NOAA Map Story: Salmon and Steelhead Habitat Loss in the Central Valley


While many factors have affected the salmonid populations in California's Central Valley, a driving ...