Water Conservation Video Contest for High School Students

2018 Video Contest Theme:

California Water - Never Enough to Waste

Tell the story of water as it journeys from its source to you, how waste can occur along that journey, and why it’s important to conserve once it reaches you.

Water Conservation Programs of City of Calistoga, City of Napa, Town of Yountville, City of St. Helena, City of American Canyon, Napa County and Napa County Resource Conservation District are sponsoring a video contest for high school students of Napa County. The winning video will be used as a public service announcement (PSA) at Cameo Cinemas and Century Napa County.

Videos should focus on communicating the message: California Water: Never Enough to Waste. Contest sponsors are looking for creative videos that motivate people to conserve water by emphasizing the various ways water can be wasted when traveling from its initial source to when it reaches the user. Students can create a newscast, skit, animation, commercial, reality television show, or even a music video. Let your imagination go wild. Carefully review the complete Contest Guidelines before starting the project.

Video submission is now closed. Check back next year for details on the 2019 contest! 

For more information about the contest, contact Pat Costello: 707-257-9521

Learn More about Water Conservation

Visit the WICC Water Conservation webpage to find out about conservation programs where you live. 

2018 Winners

Contest theme: Never Enough to Waste
1st Place - Kai Matthiasson & Ilenna Brown (Napa High School) Conservation Conversation

2nd Place - Fryl Chelzea Dela Cruz (American Canyon High School) Never Enough to Waste

3rd Place - Chanelle Mayrix Roces & Marvic Vivo (American Canyon High School) Wasted on the Way

2016-2017 Winners

Reimagine your yard - Conserving water outdoors

1st Place - Sarah Lippmann, Andrew Raymond, Elena Ingram (Napa High School) View here
2nd Place - Eliana Matteo, Mary Manuta, Matthew Rico (American Canyon High School) View here
3rd Place - Madison Edmeyer, Mo Gottfried, Hannah Sigourney (Napa High School) View here 

2015-2016 Winners

Every Drop Counts  Water Conservation as the new normal for California

1st Place    Joshua Padilla, Jackie Salinas, Yarra Bolla, Edna Santos (American Canyon HS) View here

2nd Place   Luis Buenaventura (American Canyon HS) View here

3rd Place    Julionna Robinson, Ernesto Garcia, Chezlaine Barrero, John Dizon (American Canyon HS) View here