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The Governor declared a Drought State of Emergency in January 2014, encouraging all Californians to take personal actions to reduce water demand. With record low snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Governor issued an Executive Order on April 1, 2015, seeking a 25% statewide reduction in urban water use.  County residents are urged to limit lawn watering and strictly adhere to all water waste prohibitions, while prioritizing care of trees.  The State Water Board has adopted statewide emergency regulations to increase water conservation.

Additional information on current drought conditions can be found here and on the CA Drought portal

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Water Supply Drainages

American Canyon Water Service District

Calistoga Water Service District

Circle Oaks County Water District

City of Napa Water Service

Congress Valley Water District

Lake Berryessa ImprovementDistrict

Los Carneros Water District

Napa Berryessa Restort Improvement District

Putah Creek Watershed

Napa River Watershed & Napa-Sonoma Marshes

Spanish Flat Water District

St. Helena Water District

Yountville Water Service District